Stay Fit on your Vacation

It’s so easy to go on vacation and come back a heavier person. The food and drink temptations are hard to resist and it’s definitely a time when you have your nutrition guard down.  But there are ways to stay healthy and fit while away.

If there is a beach, walk it….a lot!!! I really like to run on the beach as it’s easy on my joints and it’s an efficient calorie burning workout.  I can run for lesser time than I would on the treadmill and get a more challenging workout.  The muscles in your legs all need to engage more to compensate for the soft sand surface….hello calves! Try incorporating some jump squats, side shuffles and a few lunges.  It’s amazing after a beach workout to just jump right in the water to cool off.  And while you’re in the water why not do some swimming strokes.

Another good idea is to pack resistance bands and a jump rope in your suitcase just in case the hotel has a less than stellar gym or none at all.  One of my clients was going to a resort she knew didn’t have a gym so we came up with a plan for her vacation workouts.  I took pictures of her doing all the exercises I had shown her with resistance bands and made it into a booklet that she could take with her.  That way she always had something to refer to when it came time to exercise.

Remember that staying hydrated while on holiday is so important.  Especially since eating restaurant can be full of large amounts of sodium.  And since margaritas and mojitos will surely be flowing, keep up with the bottled water.  If you can, find some fresh coconut water to replenish electrolytes.

The great thing about exercising while on vacation is that you should definitely have more time on your hands than you would at home and far fewer excuses!!

So put on that sunscreen, enjoy the beautiful scenery and come back with a healthy, happy glow 🙂

Vacation Joy 🙂