As a Personal Trainer I have a strong desire to help people
develop a healthier way of living. Heart disease runs in my family
and I lost my dad to a heart attack when he was only
55 years old. Losing a loved one to a disease that can be prevented
through a healthy lifestyle makes me passionate about motivating my
clients to become more physically active and live a longer, healthier life
As a busy mom in my forties I know how difficult it can be to find
time for yourself. But I can make it easier and convenient by providing
a creative program tailored to your specific needs in the comfort of your home
My philosophy focuses on compound exercises to get
the best possible workout in an efficient amount of
time. Great attention is placed on core strength, conditioning,
flexibility, agility, cardiovascular enhancement
and overall strength training, all essential components
to a stronger, more agile body. The great thing about
this kind of exercise is that it can be done anywhere
and doesn’t require a gym.



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