Exercise for relief of anxiety

Coming from someone that suffers from anxiety, I can tell you that exercise is one of the greatest, natural ways to relieve those feelings.  Studies have proven that exercise can provide effective relief from anxiety and continue long after a workout is over.

 It doesn’t necessarily have to be strenuous exercise that will help cleanse your mind, but rather something that takes the focus off anxious thoughts.  I tend to be a “catastrophizer” so I require workouts that will allow my brain to drain itself of worry.
Mountain biking on difficult terrain keeps my mind tuned in to every little obstacle and I know if I don’t stay focused I will end up off my bike.  Yoga is another amazing way to become aware of your mind, body connection.  It really is a wonderful cleanse for the mind.  If you are into dancing, you will find so many great benefits there, especially if you have to learn some choreography.  You won’t even notice the workout and the social aspect alone can do wonders for anxiety relief.  The focus required of any workout will decrease overall levels of tension, improve mood, help you sleep better and will no doubt improve your self esteem.
I continually encourage my clients to try to get a workout in when they are really feeling the ill effects of stress. One of my clients just sent me a text to tell me that she just completed an hour long workout and she feels so much better. 🙂  She said she could share this feeling with me because she knows I will get it.   It sounds like she is enjoying a good endorphin high! 🙂
I hope that if there is something weighing heavily on your shoulders you can surely find some relief in moving your body.

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